House from Hodac

The house from Gurghiului Valley, from Hodac village, built in the second half of the 18th century. The construction plan is designed as follows: the front room – the porch – the back room. The building is set on base floors made of oak, the floor being made of flat clay. The construction walls are made of oak beams joined under the shape of to dovetail. The roof is framing type constructed in four-sided, the weatherboard wood being made of fir wood.

It includes an annex, the building that served as a shelter for animals, called a “shed”. It is made of beech wood beams, ending at the ends with file-closers. The walls are glued with clay on the outside and they are whitewashed. The roof is framing type, in two-sided, with a weatherboard cover. The building houses two stables (one for castles and one for sheeps) arranged on one side and the other on the free space to accommodate carriages.