Traditional Technical Installations

The installations and handicraft section comprises the oil press, the water mill, the wine press and a newly added hand mill, in use, thus illustrating traditional work procedures and technical devices used to process natural resources into food products. The development project of the open-air section aims at displaying different functional categories and chronological types which are representative for our area.

The water mill from Vatava

Dated as an early XIX century establishment, it was set up on a stone foundation; the walls are made of oak beams and there is a four-sloped clapboard roof.The grinding installation is made of a pair of mill stones which are set into motion by an inferior admission cup-winged hydraulic wheel.

The motion is transmitted by means of a double wheel system that transforms the rotation of the horizontal pin into the vertical motion of the stones’ spindle.

The oil press from Hodac

Dating from late XIX and early XX centuries, it is a water driven arrow-shaped mill machine. The construction is set up on a stone foundation; it has fir tree timber walls and a four-sloped clapboard roof. The mill is driven by an arrow lifting wedge pin which is set into motion by an inferior admission paddle-winged hydraulic wheel and it is made of a seven-chambered hub and of seven pairs of arrow-shaped paddles striking into it.